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1-on-1 YouTube Consulting

Hop on a video-call with me!

Hi! Iā€™m Julio. I created my YouTube channel (Picking Nuggets) on February of 2021. And within 2 years it has grown from zero to +60k Subscribers, generating +30k USD (only from YouTube native Ads and Affiliate Marketing).There are many things I learned along my YouTube journey, mainly through years of Trial and Error (which is the weapon of Antifragility, according to Nassim Taleb) and learning from successful YouTubers (mainly influenced by MrBeast, Ali Abdaal, Paddy Galloway, Ed Lawrence, Mark Rober, Colin & Samir, Jay Clouse, and Jake Thomas) and successful people from different industries (such as Naval Ravikant, Nassim Taleb, Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, Paul Graham, Charlie Munger...). And I have put all these lessons into a dynamic Mind Map so that I can explain you everything in a super clear way!

So now I feel confident that I can help you start your YouTube Channel, so that you can grow faster and smarter!I will answer all of your questions, seriously... all! For instance, things like:

  • Show you anything about my video-making process.

  • Show you my YouTube Studio (YouTube Analytics) -- Earnings, Subscriber growth, CTR, AVD, CPM, RPM...

  • How I protect my channel against potential copyright claims (given that I use content from other people to make my videos) leveraging on the Fair Use exception.

  • How I think of the channel as a business and I'll show you all the best options to monetize your Channel.

Also, I can record the meeting for you! So that after the meet you can come back and watch it as many times as you need.

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šŸ‘‰ Meets (on GoogleMeets)

šŸ‘‰ Video + Channel Reviews

How it works...1) Video-call where you can explain me one of your videos, the mission of your overall channel, your personal goals with your YouTube Channel, and any other thing you find relevant to share!2) I will analyze your video and prepare a report on (1) ways to improve (2) things you should avoid doing. The report will be ready in a maximum of 7 days! My focus here are on 2 main sections:

šŸ’„ Maximizing Success -- Growth of Views/Subscribers (by focusing on increasing both Click-through Rate and Average View Duration)šŸ’„ Minimizing Risk -- Leveraging on Fair Use (in case of Third Party Content usage) and detecting risks from potential breaches of the YouTube Community Guidelines and YouTube Partner Program.

3) Video-call where we can talk about the report and how to implement it.

šŸ’” More Information...

* I only take 2 clients per week to maximize my focus for each session :)

* For any inconvenience/issue, please do not hesitate to contact me on my personal email -- jfroment4a@gmail.com

āœ… Cancellation Policy

šŸ™Œ No worries if you need to cancel (any time) before our meet, you will get a full refund of your money!šŸ™Œ You can also re-schedule at no extra cost!


email: jfroment4a@gmail.com

Every week I dive deep into an interesting topic and send you (every Tuesday) my notes with the best references (e.g./ book passages, quotes, tweets, articles, videos...) that I find.The topics are very specific and are part of a one-year Curriculum.The Curriculum has 3 main Themes šŸ‘‡

And each month has a different theme šŸ‘‡

The main sources for my deep dives will be the same sources that I use for the YouTube Channel videos and text posts (Naval Ravikant, Nassim Taleb, Mohnish Pabrai, Daniel Kahneman, Peter Thiel, Tim Ferriss, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Ray Dalio, Scott Adams, Shane Parrish, Ryan Holiday, Robert Greene, Paul Graham, Alex Hormozi, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Sam Harris, among others!)

This is the course I wish I had when I was in high school!So, if you are interested in...

  • Improving your Money Principles and Skills.

  • Improving your Filter of Reality.

  • Having a more Stoic Character.

... Then Subscribe on the form below šŸ‘‡

(The Course is Free for the first 2 months, then is 10 USD / Month. You can always cancel your subscription at any time!)


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The Picking Nuggets Video Archive:

Why do I use phone lock-screen wallpapers?

I think is a way to make something positive out of my addiction to the phone (which I suspect most people have it too!). I probably pick up my phone every 5 minutes. So if I have a short but powerful quote on my lock-screen, the wisdom packed by that quote will become second nature to me over time!

What kind of quotes do I pick?

I will usually have quotes that are non-obvious truths, that are usually:āœ¦ Misinterpreted by our intuitive "System 1" (prone to human biases). By constantly being exposed to the quote, I think we can reduce (or at least be more aware) of the bias triggered.āœ¦ Truths that we have been conditioned by Society to believe are false (as Naval Ravikant argues... Society's priority is the group, not the individual). By constantly being exposed to the quote, we re-condition our brain and align it to the truth!We can leverage on the familiarity bias to rewire our brain aligning it to the truth of the quote on the lock-screen wallpaper. As Marques Brownlee tweeted:
"Changing your wallpaper really can change your whole life"

Here you can see (and use) my 2 latest phone lock-screen wallpapers:

1. "By Endurance, We Conquer" - Ernest Shackleton

Follow these steps if you also want it on your phone:
1) (From your computer) Right-click on the image + copy image.
2) Paste the image in an email and send it to yourself.
3) Open the email on your phone + download the image
4) Open the image (on your phone's local Pictures Gallery) and make it your lock-screen wallpaper!!

2. "You do not want to win an argument. You want to win." - NNT

This one is so helpful! By our nature, we always want to have the reason and win arguments (otherwise our ego is hurt). But this is really bad for us in the long-run, because we will be limited by our ideas and other people who instead focus on the objective right answer (regardless of whether it comes from her or other people) will beat us!
As Charlie Munger says, a good year is a year in which he kills at least one or two of his beloved ideas! Charlie lives by the wisdom captured on this short quote!

Follow these steps if you also want it on your phone:
1) Right-click on the image + copy image.
2) Paste the image in an email and send it to yourself.
3) Open the email on your phone + download the image.
4) Open the image (on your phone's local Pictures Gallery) and make it your lock-screen wallpaper!!

šŸŽ‰ The Curiosity Meetup šŸŽ‰

How it Works

Everyone will be able to submit questions before the Meetup, and then during the Meetup we will discuss each question -- if you have any experience or knowledge related to the question, share your thoughts with us on the Meetup!Questions can be about anything that stems from your genuine curiosity (see some examples here). And if you are too shy, you can always just come and listen :) // The Meetup will be recorded, so you can always go back to your favorite moments!

Some questions that I'm personally super curious about:

  • What videos, podcasts or books do you recommend me for learning how to cook healthy and productively?

  • What is your all time favorite book?

  • What are the best resources to learn how to invest?

  • How did you learn how to code?

  • How do you capture, store and organize notes from videos, books and podcasts?

  • Which food do you think is underrated?

  • Where are you from and which is the absolute best food from where you live? And that it doesn't include seafood.

  • What is your "WHY" for waking up each day with motivation and embrace the day?

  • Who should I follow on Twitter and why?

  • What are the 3 youtube channels that you can't stop watching and why?

  • What is your most deeply obsession?

  • What is the cheapest fastest but most nutritious meal you know of?

  • What are the 3 phone apps you cant live without? That are also not too mainstream.

  • How would you define a good life?

  • What is your personal purpose of life?

  • What are you reading this week?

šŸ„“ My Products

In this Guide, I share everything that I would have liked to know when I first started on YouTube with my channel Picking Nuggets. All the information in the description of the product.

šŸ¤“ Mind Maps āœØ

1) Screen-capture of my whole process for making a YouTube Video
(from idea generation to publishing on YouTube)

(image 1/3)

(image 2/3)

(image 3/3)

2) Screen-capture of my YouTube Strategy
(my simple strategy to grow fast and smart from zero subscribers)